The ability to support our clients both in the area of modern sintering techniques aided by the electric field of SPS, FAST, EDC types and their applications is thanks to the knowledge of our team members and its many years of experience in R&D research work. The team has the experience, among other, like the expertise related to the production of materials such as, in example:

  • metals (tungsten, titanium, iron and its alloys), ceramics (Al2O3, TiN, TiB2),
  • composites (WCCo, WCu, Cu-diamond, NiAl/TiC),
  • materials with a gradient of WCu composition,
  • SHS reactive sintering SHS (Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis).


Our experience allows us to support our clients in the following production areas:

  • Machining – selection of appropriate tools and machining technology, CAD/CAM designing and programming, economic analysis of the processing. Thanks to the knowledge of the industry, we will be happy to find the competent contractor of the parts and machining services.
  • Selection of materials for applications – selection of high-performance tool materials based on sintered carbide, polycrystalline diamond and cubic boron nitride is the latest trend in machining. We propose an analysis of the application in terms of materials, taking into account the blade wear mechanisms (mechanical, chemical or thermal).