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GeniCore top priority as a spark plasma sintering manufacturer is to provide an innovative approach to sintering technology to offer unique system performance that represents the highest quality solution among the spark plasma sintering suppliers.
The GeniCore U-FAST system is able to generate the current pulses with the shortest raise time available on the market which is able to sinter materials with reduced grain growth, and for many materials it has been confirmed there is no grain growth at all. It was achieved through a design that optimizes the connection between the power supply and the stamps. This design also has a significant impact on the performance of the machine by reducing power consumption in the process, but most importantly, it allows to increase the diameter of the sintered sample at the same power level. This means that the U-FAST offers sintering of larger volumes at the same power level compared to other similar devices.
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Materials range

Composites with a ceramic matrix
Sintered carbides
High entropy refractory alloys
W-Ag W-SiO₂
Electrodes for microvawe lamps
Amorphous alloys
Al₂O₃ ; MgAlO₄
Transparent ceramics
Metals Fe, Cu, Al, AuAg, Ni, Cr, Mo,Sn, Ti, W most of the metals Other materials composites dnd polymers Intermetallic compounds Si 3 Zr 3 , MoSi 2 , TiAl, AbCo, NbAl Carbides SiC, B 4 C, TaC, TiC, WC, ZrC Ceramic Oxides AL 2 O 3 , SiO 3 , ZrO 2 , TiO 2 , HiO 2 , MgO Bo r ons TiB 2 , ZrB 2 , VO 2 , HiB 2 Fluorines CaF 2 , LiF, MgF 2 Nitrides Si 3 N 4 , TaN, TiN, AtN, ZrN Cermetals Si 3 N 4 + Ni, Al 2 O 3 + Ni, ZrO 2 + Ni

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