Main services

Short series production

GeniCore provides a short series production using GeniCore U-FAST technology which is ideal for: Consolidation a wide range of innovative materials, Sintering non-conductive materials, Nano-grain materials thanks to very short pulses – below 1 ms, Low temperature sintering materials, Hight thermal conductive materials

Service of U-FAST devices

GeniCore offers a guarantee and post-guarantee servicing of the produced devices. From the design stage of the device, we put the greatest emphasis on the reliable operations of our devices, additionally offering an ‘on-line’ service for operational continuity. We offer a tele-service contract and on-line support, as well as technical support through our network of partners.

R&D services

Feasibility study – we offer the making of “demo samples” for your technology. Thanks to this, at an early stage without investing in extensive R&D research you will learn whether the material/technology will work in your application.
Proof of concept – we offer the making of a trial batch of “test samples” to test the materials/technologies in conditions similar to your application.

Consulting & Training

The ability to support our clients both in the area of modern sintering techniques aided by the electric field of SPS, FAST, EDC types and their applications is thanks to the knowledge of our team members and its many years of experience in R&D research work.

Graphite machining & molds designing

Based on GeniCore experience in sintering we have a pleasure to offer graphite parts dedicated for all types of sintering technologies. We can produce different set and dimension of the parts up to request or according to drawings or prepared documentation.

Other services

Microstructure and Composition Analysis
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Microscope Observation (Axioscope 7, Zeiss)
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Cutting (ATM BRILLANT 220)
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Grinding (MVM LA500)
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Hot Mounting Press (ATM Opal 410)
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Roughness Measurement (Mitutoyo SJ-210)
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Hardness Test (QNESS Q30M)
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