Max sintered parts diameter [mm] Max. load
Max. pulse current
Max. voltage
Glovebox High vacuum Induction heating Additional vacuum chambers
U-FAST Compact 35 100 5000 12 check icon check icon check icon
U-FAST GC 85 350 10000 11 check icon check icon
U-FAST Hybrid 200 3500 100000 14   check icon check icon check icon  2 chambers
U-FAST MASS 100 400 30000 11   check icon   check icon  3 chambers

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Sintering Furnace: Temperature and Applications

Introduction to Sintering Furnaces

Primary Use of Sintering Machines

Advantages in Various Industrial Applications

Design and Features of Sintering Furnaces

Customizable Furnace for Diverse Requirements

Adapting Sintering Ovens for Specific Production Needs

Conclusion: The Importance in Modern Manufacturing

Versatility and Adaptability