Research on DEC properties will be conducted. The works will include the development of a high power supply system for DEC heating in the process of large-scale synthesis. Also research on phenomena influencing physicochemical properties of components and DEC composite in laboratory conditions (including vacuum).

A new type of process chamber with three zones: loading zone, process zone and receiving zone will be developed for the process of large-scale production.

The project will enable the Company to develop a process, as a result of which it will offer a new product, previously unavailable on the world market – DEC composite plates with a wide range of applications in the oil&gas industries (mainly drilling), mining and tunnel construction and other applications in civil engineering.

The synthesis of DEC, unlike the solutions offered by the Company, requires the development of new technological solutions for each synthesis zone independently, taking into account parameters such as temperature, pressure and pressing force.

  • A novelty of the loading zone will be the application of an additional stage of powder degassing before the sintering process, thus reducing the O2 content of the absorbed diamond particles on the surface.
  • A novelty for the process zone will be the use of mechanical manipulators which exclude the requirement to open the chamber door after the sintering process.
  • A novelty of the receiving zone will be the use of a controlled protective atmosphere in the cooling stage (vacuum, protective gas) and thus the introduction of a controlled cooling stage.

The combination of the above features will make it possible to shorten the unit time of DEC production as compared to a small batch solution.

Eligible costs: PLN 19 810 804.19

Value of co-financing: PLN 15 338 448.08

Implementation period:  2018 – 2022 r.