U-FAST Desktop for R&D Applications

Model Max. Sintered Diameter [mm] Pressing force [kN] Current [A] Voltage [V] Ultimate vacuum [mbar]
U-FAST Desktop 25 40 1 000 14 < 9×10-3

The GeniCore U-FAST Desktop model is a great choice for R&D applications where the aim is to develop new materials which can be then scaled up to bigger diameters by using GeniCore U-FAST(SPS) Device.

Manufacturing process

Mold inside U-FAST chamber

Temperature measurement

Conventional Method

Indirect heating (radiation / convection)
  • Heating by radiation
  • Low heating factor
  • Temperature gradient in sintered materials
  • Time-consuming and energy-consuming processes

U-FAST technology

Direct heating (conduction)
  • Heating using Joule heating
  • Fast, economical processes (30 min)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Lower sintering temperature
  • Limited grain growth

Pulse duration below 1 ms

Pulse duration, which lasts even less than 1ms, gives the advantage of our U-FAST technology over SPS devices from competitors. Current pulses are shown using an oscilloscope