GeniCore receives a grant under GO_GLOBAL.PL

The National Centre for Research and Development announced the completion of the evaluation of projects submitted under GO_GLOBAL.PL “Increasing the scale of commercialisation of research results or development works of Polish companies on global market.”

Among 173 applications submitted in July 2015, there are 41 projects recommended for funding, among them there is GeniCore’s project entitled “Strategy of commercialization of the company’s technology on the German market as a stage of global expansion.”

The project is to develop with a German Partner – Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy – MOEZ a strategy for PPC technology commercialization, its development in the German market, as well as the verification of the adopted strategy. The cooperation will be based on GeniCore and Fraunhofer MOEZ global experience and preparation of a synthetic plan on the preparation of marketing strategy in Germany and communication strategies with clients and investors. It will help to broaden and benefit from a wide network of business contacts and provide support in identification and verification of possibilities to launch businesses and technological partnerships in Germany.


Project supported by the National Centre for Research and Development under the programme GO_GLOBAL.PL