PPC technology created by GeniCore provides an important contribution to the global market positions in the area of materials technology development. PPC device, which has already been launched to the market, can be used for sintering of a large group of powder materials.

PPC method, commercially offered by GeniCore, allows to synthesize DEC without the need for expensive HPHT technique. Significant technical parameters, characteristic for the PPC process, like high vacuum, high voltage and high narrow electric pulses allow for the preparation of DEC. Furthermore PPC method solves the technological problem of nanomaterials sintering

The effect of completed research and development works is the PPC device for sintering of powder materials with a precise and prompt regulation of the temperature in the sintering process. This device is adapted to apply current pulses repeated with great frequency to the sintered set, while ensuring a failure-free long lifespan of work by applying high-current electronic key in a circuit of discharging the batteries of capacitor.