The aim of the project is to develop and implement the innovative sintering method U-FAST (Upgraded Field Assisted Sintering Technique) into business practice.

The application of the results of the applicant’s business activity will allow to diversify the product portfolio in the area of innovative equipment for the synthesis of materials. The proposed solutions in U-FAST devices will allow to obtain increased technological parameters.

The use of vacuum process chamber with high vacuum systems, not available in competitive solutions, will allow to produce sintered materials with higher performance parameters than in SPS solutions. The design and construction of a low voltage impulse power supply, with a shorter pulse duration than in SPS solutions, will allow to use the advantages of PPC methods, related to pulse duration, while eliminating expensive systems of capacitor batteries, electronic key and high voltage power supply. The power supply will consist of modules of specific power.

The compactness of the U-FAST device will make it a very interesting proposal also for scientific and research entities, opening new markets. This gives great development prospects to potential customers, making U-FAST a universal tool for opening new research areas.


Eligible costs: 2 830 559.99 PLN

Value of the subsidy: 2 224 590.07 PLN

Implementation period:  2016 – 2017 r.