Since the beginning of its activity the company has been conducting research on innovative technologies in the field of powder metallurgy and powder sintering methods. The previous research and development activities focused on the development and development of technology in the field of powder sintering and the possibility of using it in innovative devices, which are the Company’s product.

The result of past research and development work is a PPC device for sintering powder materials, which enables precise and fast temperature regulation in the sintering process.

This device is designed to deliver a set of high and narrow current pulses to sintered material, repeated at high frequency, while ensuring a long time of failure-free operation, by using a high-current electronic key in the capacitor battery discharge circuit.

As part of the project, the Company will bear the costs of manufacturing of research equipment and the costs associated with the acquisition of equipment necessary for the implementation of research on product innovation in the form of a range of innovative DEC composites for the tool market adapted to individual fields of application.

The project is a response to GeniCore’s internal needs and market demand.


Eligible costs: PLN 4 920 000,00

Value of co-financing: PLN 2 706 000,00

Implementation period:  2018 – 2020 r.